Your predictive personalised nutrition system.

Carb Coding AI personalises your daily nutrition requirements to the ever changing demands of your workouts, lifestyle, and goals.

Hexis nutrition app with Carb Coding for cyclist performance

Because not every day
is the same.

Man working out with battle ropes for fitness

Some days are about going fast, pushing limits and performing at your peak. Others are about rest, recovery, and managing your body. Carb Coding optimises your nutrition day by day and meal by meal, allowing you to thrive in any scenario.

human potential.

It all starts with physiology. By understanding how your body metabolises fuel during different activities and across various intensities, Carb Coding AI personalises your nutrition to your unique requirements.

Three simple colours to guide your nutrition

Every meal and snack is tailored to you. Get the nutrition you need by following our simple traffic light system

Hexis nutrition app with Carb Coding low medium and high carb codes for endurance athlete performance


Enhanced performance, recovery and body composition management. Carb Coding amplifies the beneficial effects of exercise on your body.

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