A fuelling strategy that unlocks your body’s potential.

Female cyclist from Trinity Racing winning on mountain bike

Carb Coding removes the guesswork from nutrition and gives you access to the latest advancements in performance science.

Amplify your body's
response to exercise.

Male crossfitter training muscle ups
Get fitter faster by enhancing aerobic adaptations.
Optimise recovery using tailored regeneration strategies.
Boost performance and delay fatigue with targeted fuelling.
Reliably manage weight and body composition.

Fuelling the pro’s



“The app has been really beneficial and super easy to follow. It keeps me organised and in check with my nutrition, whilst making sure I have sufficient energy to keep performing at the highest level. I highly recommend this app to anyone.



I’ve lost 1.5kgs in 6 weeks! But more importantly for me, I have more energy and I’m performing better on the bike. I feel so much better in myself.”


Rugby Player

“The carb codes were simple to follow and I never got bored. I was full of confidence that I was fuelling my body correctly."