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enables you to feel and perform
at your best.

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Built by experts,
trusted by athletes.

Verified by World Champions and Olympians. Hexis has been developed by world-leading exercise physiologists, nutritionists and data scientists.

Nutrition app for fitness lifestyle with Carb Coding

Discover Carb Coding

Take the guesswork out of your nutrition. Carb Coding AI translates complex science into simple daily nutrition practices that are tailored to the demands of your workouts, lifestyle and goals.

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Enhanced performance, recovery and body composition management. Carb Coding amplifies the beneficial effects of exercise on your body.

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Fuelling the pro’s

From cycling and golf to rugby and CrossFit, fuelling with Hexis gives athletes a competitive edge.

Paul Dunne

European Tour Winning Golfer

“The demands on my body can vary a lot day to day. Hexis has helped me understand how to fuel my body so I can perform at my best”

Lauren Delany

International Rugby Player

“Periodising my nutrition helps me effectively manage my energy and ensures I have enough fuel to perform when it matters most”

Rohan Dennis

World Champion Cyclist

“I’ve amplified how my body adapts to training and performs in competition. I’ve never been so confident in my nutrition.”