The future of sports nutrition has arrived

It's predictive, personalised and periodised.

And it's in your pocket.

Hexis Performance packs decades of breakthrough nutrition science into a 360-degree training companion. Built to help you fuel smarter. And fast-track your performance goals.

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Nutrition planning just got easy

Carb Coding matches your body's carbohydrate and energy needs to the demands of your workouts.

Our Carb Coding System precisely matches your training plan, recovery and performance goals to your fuel requirements—meal by meal, snack by snack.

So you know exactly what to eat and when. Fuel smarter with Carb Coding.  

Fuelling smart just got delicious

Hexis translates your Carb Codes into simple, delicious recipes—all approved by our performance chefs.

Whether you’re a busy athlete on the go, or you love spending time in the kitchen. We’ve got you covered.

Track your progress

With Hexis, you can track your progress—your ups, downs and breakthroughs—and receive 1-2-1 elite coaching to help you hit your performance goals.

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“I’ve amplified how my body adapts to training and performs in competition. I’ve never been so confident in my nutrition.”
Rohan Dennis

Built on science, brought to you
by athletes

Hexis Performance started in 2017 when a PhD research project united elite sport coaches with international academics in data science, behavioural science, nutrition science, performance science and biostatistics.

The aim: to simplify and unlock elite-level coaching. To personalise best-practice nutrition and deliver at scale. And to turn insights into easy-to-digest instructions for anyone.

The Hexis Performance engine runs on cutting-edge data science, AI and machine learning. But in-app support and consultations come from our founders: pros who’ve spent decades on the front-line of elite sport.